A case study on Sukhabor Bangla


The story begins with a cool idea of giving only positive news to people who are bored with daily bad news. Suck huge positive energy-consuming everyday Bad news!

So that we see a brand new Bengali online news portal Sukhabor Bangla which means Good news or positive news in Bangla.

Surely we love the idea of spreading positive energies among people. As I personally do not see TV news or read news excessive of Violence, crime, rape all negative things that hurt too much.


Challenges: Building an Online news Brand


While coming for growth of the new offbeat Bengali news site we, shape communications, find out a few interesting things that bring our sweet dreams to a nightmare!


  1. No news is news until it’s bad news!
  2. People love spicy content
  3. Gossip.
  4. Traditional news portal.
  5. Less Budget!


Before going to find out a way to overcome the challenges let’s see the UX of Sukhabor at that Time.

Old UX sukhabor

Unfortunately, it was just a beginner website & yes there is less to no traffic.  It’s very hard to attract visitors only by feeding positive news & content on a website like that.

The biggest challenge was to make the site alive with visitors overcoming all those odds!

Until the visitor will be flooded, we can’t monetize it!


How to face the challenges?


First comes fast.

So that we are going on in-depth research to our reader group.

Making Buyer persona that is Readers Persona who can be our potential consumer.


Buyer Persona:


We go through research by asking people what they love to read especially in a newspaper. What makes them read the same newspaper again and again? Here comes the retention!

For example, why you are going to read Prothom Alo every day online? Authentic news, Fun facts, Chutir dine & many more features.

We dig deeper & deeper to understand & find out the answer why? why do people read-only positive news from a new news portal instead of an established one!

The answer to the question is WHY is winning a battle before it starts!

We found so many interesting insights in which we only shared one. People have different psychology reading Good. Few people consciously avoid the Bad!

We closely observe the different aged people at different stages of life are in a few similar traits could be our best reader. Few are given below:


  • Positive people
  • Intellectual People
  • Dynamic youth
  • Career enthusiast
  • Sports lovers


Designing the Web UX


The way we explain, Web experience seems easier but it was the toughest one. We just want to show what our readers want to see!

Easy smooth web experience with loving content. Curated categories, Latest news, and popular news as per the choice of our Buyer persona.

Sukhabor UX as per Buyer Persona

Sukhabor UX by Shape Communicatrions

We keep a mobile-first approach. Optimize speed & other technical issues as much as possible.  Even the color of the font we select what might our potential reader like. The color red means extreme energy, vigor & much more.

We face lots of technical difficulties building the websites & making solutions in a different way. It just broke all the websites and cause previously invest more than millions of Taka! We will discuss that in a separate case study.


Content that Maters

What do we feed our Readers? The content our reader persona consumes. We go for topic research & find out what our readers love?

Exceptional news, international news, Health, Food, sports & events news. We are giving our effort proving authentic, funny content which is evergreen content. Besides regular news which has utility maximum few days.

Making content strategy we figure out the different buyer persona demands. Just an example, Mr. Karim aged 51 might be much more interested in health & nutrition-type topics while Sarah aged 25 might love recipes, career development content!

We use Semrush to do Topic & content research along with Google search console, Google Trend.


Sukhabor Bangla Website UX

Sukhabor Bangla Website UX


Organic is everything!

 Challenge is everywhere? We have constrains resources. Very low amount of money to spare! Decides to move forward only on Organic Marketing.

Done keyword research, Keeping On page properly is just the beginning. Web 2.0 is not dead yet.

Building links is always Fun! I believe in steady but sure growth. Breaking sandbox after 6 to 8 months.

Now Link building is the key along with the same process we have done.

We try to stand out with different content approaches. Fresh evergreen content along with everyday good news. Content matters most!

Again, we will tell how the strategy was made for sukhabor. How it helps to get huge traffic.

We use surfer optimize content for low-hanging SEO fruits!


The good the bad the ugly:


In the journey, we are moving towards growth. It was not that easy task with a new domain.


Sukhabor Results By Shape

Sukhabor Results By Shape Communicastions


We might do much more fast success with traffic but again we love steady growth. Quality matters so that we keep ensuring the quality of content, Organic Marketing.

Sukhabor Bangla, now is not just a newspaper in Bengali, sukhabor is one of the govt approved offbeat online newspapers in Bangladesh. We touched Almost 50,000-page views per month!

Traffic source from organic search. After Bangladesh, the most reader is from USA.

This is just the beginning, we are planning a 5x to 10x growth in next 6 months. Hope to see you there!

And I am committed to say much more open discussion after the massive success. Till then stay with Sukhabor Bangla, Thriving for Positive news!