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The journey of Business – First Class

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About Course

Hello, greetings to all. This is Shariful Alam Pavel & welcome to our first class. Actually, there have a lot of participants who joined my class that I did not expect! The great thing is that few started their business again, some at the very beginning and somebody’s monthly sales are already 1 million or more.

Even after the million, they have joined for Growth! I don’t know how much I can help, but I’m sure I’ll try my best to help you with my thoughts and my team members for your growth. We will reveal as much as possible the results. In fact, you can find out what results will come after the growth. Other than that, those who are new to the business or who have come to a stage, often do not know how much money they will be able to earn in the next year?

They do not have a clear idea. Those who are enrolled in our course must Write about yearly earning, how you will earn that money?

By selling products or services? Which products or services? Cost of the full-year operation. I mean full nitty-gritty. Please do write the plan. Do not keep it in your Mind. While you write things in detail, your brain can understand & direct accordingly.

Please write every detail of your business and send it to my mail shapebd@gmail.com. After that, we will review, communicate and go for 1 to 1 session and mentorship.

You can ask for help on our website shapebd.com We do not share this personal mentorship session due to curated sessions & irrelevant to others.

We might share the take-outs which are important for you all! Where ever you are, whatever you are doing please write down the one single thing apart from your business plan.

Why do you want to do business? You will write the reason clearly. Cause the path of business is so much pain. You see your closest one not paying you money, Family goes against you, extreme rejections, and Business itself hurts too much. The journey of business is like going through Hell! Be clear at the beginning, is it worthy enough?

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What Will You Learn?

  • The journey of a business and the experience