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the mindset of business entrepreneurs: Second Class

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Hello Everyone, I am Shariful Alam Pavel. Today is our Second class in our Business Course. It is about Mind-Set. It is very important to the newbie.

Actually, what is the mindset of an Entrepreneur?

Everyone can be able to do a job or walk on a less risky road.

No matter business of a startup the possibility of failure is 80/90 percent.

Why do people take new initiatives knowing the high failure rate? What is the psychology behind entrepreneurship? Today we will discuss this matter!


We cannot create entrepreneurs by training. I am sharing my experience. The journey of mine will never be alike you. I can enlighten you with my experience. With the relevant situation, you can utilize that knowledge in your personal journey. So that you can move forward with fewer mistakes & less loss.


Still, Profit & loss is part of your life, accepting this is the first condition become an entrepreneur. You can train them for becoming more sophisticated that increase the chance of success. But you cant make an entrepreneur overnight. Cause it’s a Mind-Set.


The mindset is to initiate a new venture with Courage. To make a living or family issue or any other cause, very few have the courage! We are taught to take less risky roads in our entire life. Since childhood, our parents said do not go here do not go there. No No No.


In American statistics, I found on an average American hears NO 5000 times in their childhood rather than Yes. Especially in Bangladesh while you are going to do new business, your guardian & family want you to take the safest path.


Being safe, settled, comfort in Life is very hard to break! We don’t have the mindset of Leaving all these & taking an unusual path, starting an unknown journey. We do not have that position & even thought of this.


Why do I choose this path? The toughest journey of entrepreneurship? Cause I really want to do a very big job. I want to serve. I don’t want to make a billion-dollar business rather serve a billion people. This is a very big dream & I am dared enough to see the dream! Whatever I can make it or not that makes me an Entrepreneur.


Still, now I am not able to serve billion but at least touches Ten thousand life. To me, Impacting ten thousand lives through my business ecosystem is a big thing! I try a little better continuously. Want to serve more every day!


Only making a few bucks does not the end goal. The more you grow bigger you work harder even! While you earn One hundred thousand targets will increase million, hit the milestone of a Million may be run after a billion. Cause we want to do something great! This makes an entrepreneur or Businessman different from others.


The persons choose the safe to uncertain unknown journey. The reasons are 1. The courage of doing something new. 2. Burning desire for doing Great things. 3. It’s a little bit undefined. Very few people are divergent. They think differently, do a different way.


One last thing I want to say, the journey of entrepreneurship is not trading few products, making some money. Buying cars, real estate, etc show off wealth is not like this!

The persons I met, got training from local to global level entrepreneurs, I see one thing common, they really want to build something great. They are not running after money rather they are running after their dream. The dream that never let them sleep!

Push hard to harder!

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  • The Mindset of successful business