When Creativity Meets the Spirit, Hermes Borns.

“Uniqueness is a blessing that appears in a few, and those few create history.” 

Have you ever combined creativity and freedom? When they meet, Masterpiece occurs!!!”. Hermes; well-known for its luxury items, is one of them. If “Practice makes a man perfect” for general people, it should be “Creative Spirit Makes the Business Perfect” for Hermes

Hermes luxury life style

                                                 Hermes luxury life style

Hermes is a luxury brand and a universal example that has maintained its reputation with iconic and unique products for centuries. For example, Handbags, Birkin bags, jewelry, t-shirts, travel suitcases, shoes, hats, watches, bracelets, and many divine shapes of art. Yes, I repeat. Divine !!!

The company is committed to producing elegant objects with beautiful materials for the art-lovers. It has the highest 54 production hubs in France alone. Apart from that, Hermes has widened their business in 45 different countries with its large 300 international stores and approximately 20,000 employees

Continuing the Legacy from 1837 to the Present: Brief History

Thierry Hermes, born in Krefeld, Germany, the founder of the Hermes Fashion House (Headquarter: Paris, France), started this brand in 1837. Without a doubt, I must say, the man was a genius trader. The brand he created, he himself might not think of its splendid appearance at this time. At the early stage, he intended to serve the European elites with quality goods. But gradually, it changed into a global brand.  

For your information, the logo carries a message. The horse and cart remind us of their saddlery manufacturing at the very beginning.

 You can assume the background of Hermes’s popularity through a quote from the former CEO Jean-Louis Dumas,

 “We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product”

This universal brand is well-known for its quality craftsmanship, creative experiment, and artistic innovation till its sixth generation. 

Hermes believes in enhancing lifestyle, which is highly appreciated time after time. The artisans deserve a big salute for their creativity. 

This family-owned French company never missed showing its sustainable elegance through divine objects. It can sense the nerve of the people, and that’s where they are continuously winning people’s hearts.  

Adaption of the Exception to the Art-Lovers | Where Hermes Played Magnificently

For your kind information, who says Hermes is expensive, we would like to change that it is not expensive. It is costly. 

The average price of a Birkin bag counts from $10,000 and goes to $3,00,000 in auction. 

Almost every product of this Paris-origin brand is costlier. One is higher than another. In short, all the products and models are competing with each other.

Would you be surprised if you hear of a person waiting years to buy a Birkin bag or jewelry from Hermes? Let me tell you that a millionaire waits for a limited-edition product. Of course, it is worth the wait, but why?   

For example, 

  • Hermes’s silk scarfs are only made of pure silk, which comes from Brazil, with traditional techniques and the touch of skilled artisans (obviously handmade!).  
  • It takes 17 hours to complete one handmade Birkin bag.  

So, now you can imagine the rarity of this brand as people desire this rarity and dream of using unique luxury goods. 

The passion for having a Hermes collection proves the unimaginable luxury & faithfulness of this brand. All of these didn’t happen in a jiffy. The iconic inventions, manufacturing accuracy, and artistic values made that happen.

When you have lots of money, you’d surely avoid regular goods. You’d hope for something incredible, unique, and special, something artistic that has never been used before. The universal brand played there and met its sky-high demands successfully. Visiting a Hermes outlet makes you understand why it is so glorified.  

How Hermes Strengthen its Presence in the Global Market?

The global appearance of this French fashion house is a glorified journey towards the best experience. Although we were not there to see everything from the beginning, it can be assumed to some extent how Hermes became a universal luxury brand. 

Artistic Business Models 

Hermes is a house of Artisans and humanistic values. The Artisans have creativity in their brain & blood. They create masterpieces with humanistic values. The specialty of Hermes is set to this.

Result: People crave for Hermes. 

Their art has no boundaries but follows a divine shape. People will buy the object without caring about the price because they just want to feel the charm that can be found anywhere except Hermes.

A Family Entrepreneurial Business 

Hermes started and continued with the family chain. We believe this is one of the foremost elements of the brand becoming so prominent because the same value and spirit has passed through generations.

Family-owning does not always give you a massive result, but when it does, it shows something incredible. It goes beyond expectation. There is less chance of an outsider interference to ruin the creative spirit.   

Taste of Time | A Crystal Clear Image of Luxury 

You can find a thousand types of leather goods available from many reputed brands across the world. But when you hear about Hermes, the desire to take a closer look at the product becomes quite intense. The biggest reason is, like many others, you also understand this is a brand maintaining its values from the very beginning. And they are making luxury items based on customer taste. 

Sustainable Development 

The products of this Paris-born brand have always maintained some criteria. What are they?  

  • An alive & never-fading artistic value 
  • Lasts from generation to generation 
  • Beautiful and functional objects 
  • Unique and sustainable designs 
  • Represents cultural, social, and humanitarian elements
  • The Luxury Principle 
  • Presence of natural resources 

An Overview of Hermes Global Ranking and Revenue 

Hermes ranks 28th in the Best Global Brands 2020 with a brand value of 18 billion USD. In the year 2023, it has made $12.2B in revenue along with $3.5B in profits. 

Not only that, the company has shown some significant growth in recent years, even during the pandemic! In 2020, 2021, and 2022, the revenue was $7.7B, $7.3B, and $10.6B, respectively. 

Hopefully, Hermes will think of holding control of the gradual increase with their traditional techniques & skilled artisans in the upcoming years. They might be more focused on the exclusiveness of objects. They are planning on introducing new products and designs in the market in 2024 for men and women.  

Top 5 Global Products of Hermes

Among thousands, Here is the top 5 Product Hermes has to offer,

  1. The renowned Birkin bag
  2. Chaine d’Ancre Necklace
  3. Croc T-shirt
  4. Orion Travel suitcase
  5. Hermès saddle and horse fittings

Final Thoughts

To me, Hermes is a Reflection of Luxury and Faith!

The French-origin brand has been recognized mainly for its exclusive Leather items. Apart from that, their Birkin Bags, Silk scarves, and tons of other luxury goods have also pushed the brand value higher and higher. 

Creating a perfect fusion of art and luxury for centuries has been a challenging task for any company. But Hermes is exceptional in this case. Why not? The exception is the key to success for Hermes.