How to write content easily! Sounds awesome if you are a Newbie, Right? Here we explain few easy tips that help to write killer content easily.

In our childhood, many of us liked to write our daily special things in our dairy. It’s really the most interesting hobby. Through the power of writing, we can express our emotions, thinking & lots of ideas. To communicate with anyone, writing is the most useful medium, formally or informally. Twenty or thirty years back, writers and readers were only limited to printed books, magazines, articles, and so on. In this digital era, we can read books, magazines, and newspapers from anywhere.

At the same time content writing has become quite popular. Many have chosen it as a way to spend their leisure time, just like writing a diary at a young age. Besides, many do content writing professionally. If we consider the business approach, it’s use has increased tremendously. So now the content writing profession is taken very seriously. For this, the new generation is now very enthusiastic to work in this profession.

If you want to work in this sector, you need to have enough ideas about content writing, how you can start writing, what’re important steps for writing good content. As a beginner content writer, you have to know the step-by-step process of content writing.

what is Content writing?

Content writing is about presenting a subject, object, video content, or something else through your writing. It totally depends on a writer how delightfully he/she will present writing with the art of words! It seems like caring for a tree. How much you take care of it, exactly the same portions you will get in return.

Before writing you have to think about three things, if you get these points then your writing will be great.

➢  Who’s the reader

➢  Why are you writing

➢  How you will write or present

Remember one thing, if you can’t attract your readers, your efforts will be in vain.

Types of Content

Content Writing is not just limited to blog writing. Although previously the scope of content writing was limited, now it has many variations and is being used for many purposes.

Significant types of content writing are,

●   Blogs: Blogging is an early stage of content writing. The more great content you have on your website, the more readers your website will have. In the case of blogging, it is very important to maintain consistency.

●   Website Content: Website content basically is written on a website about the website and the business. It’s a very basic form of content writing.

●   Product Description: Nowadays, it’s become very popular. The use of content is very important here. Because, it attracts visitors through descriptions of products.

●   SEO content: There is no alternative to SEO content to grab your target audience. Actually, keywords play a vital role in SEO content. Because in this global competition there are lots of writers they are writing for their audience. If you want to rank in Google you must write SEO content with relevant keywords.

●   Social Media Content: Nowadays we use Facebook or any other social media platform first when we wake up. So along with the website, we should be regular on social media to attract customers. Because now social media is playing an important role in customer growth.

●   Press releases: Writing for the press is nothing new. It has been in the news media since time immemorial. But now online news is being read more than printing and publishing, so its popularity is also much higher now. Since it is a news medium, it should be written with a little caution so as not to create controversy.

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, there are several other types of content writing, such as

●   Articles

●   E-book

●   Email newsletters

●   Copywriting

●   Video Content

●   Creative Writing

●   Outsourcing content

How to write content easily

Create your own Idea

When you are writing a blog or article then it’s so easy to create your idea. Because you can use your personal experience in your writing. For example, if you are working on a travel blog, that time you can write about your own travel story that will be more attractive because it will be like telling a story and your content will be unique.

But if you are writing for a business product that time you have to do some market research which will help you in writing and connect with your customers. So, it basically depends on why you are writing and need to follow a particular process. Here are a few ideas on how you can make your content ideas.

●   Interview your targeted audience.

●   Find the most popular topics from Quora/Reddit.

●   Search top-performing content in Google.

Most importantly You write content not only to entertain your audience but also to guide an audience about your product or a business. Before doing it, try to read the audience’s mind about what they actually want. I know it’s very complicated and you never fulfill all the requirements. But, think smartly and give your best to make good content.

Content writing structure

A sustainable structure is what you need at the beginning of any work, whether it’s building a house or writing content. If you are a beginner, you can build your writing structure in three steps.

1. Research

2. Planning

3. Writing


Before starting writing you need to go through with some research that can enrich your writing resource as well as be informative. Now, the point is what will be in your research part.

●    Find out what will be your topic and collect all data about your topic.

●   Target your audience. For instance, for baby diapers items, your audience will be new parents. Similarly, for cosmetics products, the targeted audience will be women.

●   Keyword research-based writing is very important for your SEO-optimized writing. It will help your writing to rank Google’s Top page. Learn how to write SEO optimize content.

Planning: After researching your Topic & Audience, start work for planning. In this step you will decide, how will you write, which types of structure you will use, and so on?

●   Make an outline that will tell you the way how you will go and create your writing pattern.

●   Make your unique writing.

●   Planning for Internet etiquette and maintaining it.


Writing content:

This is the main part of your writing. You need to be more careful than others. If you miss something to point out or note, do it here.

Content creation is an art and you are a creator.

Remember, just be yourself, don’t need to follow others, make your own strategies.

Here are some statistical ideas for your writing and content marketing which use to make quality content.

●   Use catchy headings that attract your readers.

●   Write a hooking intro to grab your customers.

●   Don’t be serious. You are not writing a thesis paper, so use simple sentences as anyone can understand your idea easily.

●   Express your concept directly and write as if you are telling a story.

●   Try to describe the concept with humor so that readers don’t get bored while reading.

●   Try to present the information as per the needs of the readers, so that they are satisfied with your writing and visit your website to get authentic writings.


Exercise for better writing

Without practice, you cannot give your best. If you want to be a content writer, you need to follow some basic tips to improve your writing.

●   Read a lot about your content topic and write more and more than you can see your improvement in your hand!

●   Create your own signature writing style. You can get ideas from others but cannot copy.

●   Be focused on a single purpose.

●   Play with keywords that are the most important for a content writer.

●   Use active voice while writing.

●   Write to the point and don’t need to be elaborate.

●   Initially share your writings with your friends and families to check. And after that, you can console with an expert to edit and more advice.


Additional skills for content writing

In this competitive market be an expert in content writing. You have to acquire related knowledge as well. Like you need to know some technical things that will improve the quality of your writing, take you to the next level!

●   Digital Marketing: If you want to work in a global market and rank in Google, you want to understand the digital marketing language. Digital marketing rules support boost your content and you can compete with others very easily.

●   Photo Editing: Nowadays it’s very essential to know the use of photoshop. High-resolution beautiful images that are definitely relevant to your content can catch your reader’s attention.

●   Content Marketing: As a content writer you have to know this skill. It will help you focus on customer demand and all information is added which is required to reach your desired level.

Actionable Tips writing content easily

There is no end to perfection, one has to try until self-satisfaction is found. If you’re eager to learn professional content writing, these tips are for you.

●    If you want to do your writing in a smart way, use different types of tools that correct your grammar, spellings, articles as well as plagiarism. Such as Grammarly,  Hemingway, Proofreading by Scribit.

●   Use your Google account in a productive way. Such as, while you are writing you get stuck or confused with any information or cannot recall a spelling, just open your mobile and search it. It’s very simple.

●    Attached link. It’s proper SEO etiquette.

●   From the headline to the end, each story should have a single distinct idea.

●   Update SEO regularly and maintain consistency in posting.

●   Double-checking is very important. If you find any trouble with any sentences personally, change it and make it simple.

In many ways, you can create your content. Content writing isn’t as easy as you feel. In addition to writing, you should be especially aware of the technical aspects.

You have to invest your time to learn it properly which is not possible overnight. If you are in practice you definitely will be a good content writer with Time.


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