Writing killer content is really tough job, Is not it? Do you love content writing? Trying to write great content, Here is a simple guide on how to write killer content as a beginner.

Is it hard for you to sum up your ideas?

You must be thinking content writing is only for the people who write blog posts and articles. This is absolutely not the thing to believe.

In this article, you will find some amazing, easy & unique manners of how to write killer content?

I am going to take a few minutes from your life and help you with some of my tips and tricks about content writing.

What is Content?

Before knowing how to write content, let’s focus on what is content first. Basically content is pure information. When our brain processes any information, it’s already content.

The human brain processes information in a fraction of seconds, it generates emotions and refers to action. These are the exact purpose of the content. So content is moreover the thoughts that lead emotions to action.

Find the magic of writing

We all can tell stories. For content writing, all it needs is something to think of and something to write with. The key to this is imagination, which is one creative thought for your stories and your words.

Stimulate your imagination by start writing. Give a good nudge from time to time.  Find your way to connect the creative thinking, tap those imaginations, get the help from your experiences, and know-how to bring it onto the page.

Step by step you’ll find the magic of writing.

Resources of content writing

The first source of information for a content writer is his/her general knowledge. Nothing can beat that. Tons of reading help you gain knowledge, increase your ability of writing.

The second best source is personal experiences. Because personal experiences are always unique. What you feel, only you can describe with your words. Nothing will match it.

Searching for your topic idea is the Key! Choose your topic whatever you love. After that google on that topic, the Internet could be your first place of information.

Study Books on that specific topic, If needed gather personal experience. With knowledge, experience & imagination build your content ideas, write your own.

Content writing is the art of Words!

Types of content

Most of us think that content writing is all about blogging and articles. But this is not it. There are numerous types of content out there. Contents are everywhere. Let’s look over some of the content types-

 Web content

web content is like the foundation of a business. If you have a online business and think that as a house web content will give a strong base of your business. Web content includes your home page, pages about your services, the inquiry answers you offer, etc.

Video content

video content is basically a content format that is created by making videos. It has made a huge difference for content strategy makers.

Digital Marketing and content marketing field have trapped in this trend! Numerous brands have planned to double their investment in video content.

SEO content

If you are writing content on a digital platform, naturally you want your readers to find your content at the top of their search results. This is what SEO works for. SEO works in search engines.

SEO-optimized Writing helps the target audience to find the desired content to get maximum value from creators with the help of keywords.

Keywords are the most relevant words that people search for while they want to know about something. So SEO content is the type of content that boosts the writer’s plan according to the reader’s choice.


blogs are the rooms of your house. It’s a primary format. It connects the content writers to the audience or customers. A blog builds a presence on search engines. It’s a vital part of internet marketing.

Fresh frequent content can actually lead a business. Usually, if a company blogs 11 or more times in a month, gain 4 times extra view compare to others who blog less. Blogging needs to be done consistently.

Social media content

Social media is already content of its own. Think of social media as a supporting pillar of a house. It’s not directly necessary for a company but it is essential for social presence.

Because today’s world is basically social media dominated. If a company doesn’t have a social media presence, will not go far. A lot of people judge a product or brand by social media presence!

Ad & sales copy

Advertisement and sales copy are like the invitation for the people to your house. It appeals to the customers. Good advertisements and sales copy can attract the right audience at right time.

At present time, ad & sales copy creators make lots of money. In content marketing, it has become a very exciting job in the past few years.

Expert copy

Expertise work is like a fine art collection inside your house. Attracting a high knowledge level audience is the main job of these contents. This is more like technical content writing.

Creative writing

Blending the writer’s storytelling ability with content is named creative writing.

There are also another two types of content based on the pattern of the period. They are-

Time content

It is valuable for a certain period of time. Like the news content.

Timeless content

this content doesn’t have any time limit to Its value addition. Readers usually continue showing interest for a long period of time in this content. Like- personal blogs, historical content, business articles, etc.

How to write killer content by Shape communications

Learn How to write

The 3 most important things to write killer content are to know- what am I writing, why am I writing and for whom am I writing. These 3 questions will guide your content creation smoothly.

It is always beneficial for a content writer to do essential prep work. Suppose you are planning to cook a meal today. What’d you do? What are the steps you’d take?

First, you’ll think about the groceries you have.

Second, you’ll think about what you can do with the things you have.

Thenceforth you’ll fix what you are going to cook.

After that, you’ll search for other necessary things.

Following you’ll go to the market to buy your pieces of stuff.

Thenceforward you’ll re-check if everything is there or not.

From there on you will come back home and synchronize them.

And then finally you’ll start cooking.

Content writing is the same thing. It is like a dish cooked up in your head. Each type of content format requires different types of writers.

But everyone should follow some basic rules which are applicable to all formats. Proper preparation makes a good content to a great content.

Great content makes people trust the writer’s thoughts.

Now, if we relate the content writing process with content writing, you may follow the steps will be like this.

o    Do a thorough topic and keyword research

o  Visualization

o  Know your audience

o  Stay organized

o  Read

o  Find your voice

o  Time your writing

o  Write without interruption

o  Try to follow some rules while you are writing. Such as:

Try to begin with empathy

Impactful intros

Use easy words

Avoid long paragraphs

Use bullet points (like I’m using right now)

Use headers

You can also use images to break up the text

o  Don’t talk about yourself too much. Show the audience what you have to offer.

o  Edit ruthlessly

o  Use the right editing tactics

o  Use Google accordingly

o  Hyperlink

o  Write to express, not impress

o  Do not forget the main focus

Content writing methods

Across the world, there are two styles of creating content. They are-

The Inverted pyramid technique:

This style is used by newspapers. This metaphor is like an ice cone. All the information is on the top and the other supporting information goes down.

The inverted pyramid style generally has 3 parts. The lead, the body & the tail. The lead is the part where the most important information, usually who, where, what is written. Then the body contains the additional information. Third, the tail contains extra information.

The Pyramid Technique:

It’s the reverse of the inverted pyramid technique. In this style, first, the writer takes a concentration of his/her reader with a catchy line.

This style is also called ‘Spear Head Technique’ or ‘Arrow Head Technique’. When an arrow or a spear hits someone, it hits directly with the pointy end. Similarly, this style of content writing directly hits the reader’s thoughts and brain with its catchy lines.

Suppose a piece of content starts with – Do you want to see what’s underwater? Or Are you excited to fly like a bird?

Now if you an adventure lover and looking for some adventure in your life, the writer has got your attention. It was the starting of a Tourist Agency’s content for doing their content marketing.

Now comes another important portion of content writing, what is content marketing?

In content marketing, the content writers will take the attention of their target audience first. Then slowly they’ll start to give information about them. Just like a pyramid of information. The more you read the more you’ll know.

First, they’ll generate interest by touching emotion. As the reader goes deep s/he will get information bit by bit. Till they reach the bottom where the reader gets the main focused information of that certain proposal or product or company.


Some extra tips and tricks of writing quality content

Content is the undoubted king of a blog. If the content is not exciting, Nobody is going to read it or stay there.

As I said earlier catching the reader’s attention is one of the most important things in content writing. Here I’ll share some tools that may help you to achieve good SEO results.

·       Know the topic of the article and the word count. It will help to structure the content.

·       Focus on the title. Headlines between 14-17 words do best in terms of getting shares.

·       Try to use numbers in the title.

·       Find primary and secondary keywords.

·       Outline your article.

·       Fill the body by using your keywords 2-3times.

·       Always start with researching, then do outlining and then start writing.

·       Use text to help visualize.

·       Don’t be so serious.

·       Write easy simple sentences.

·       Don’t give two ideas in one sentence. Write 1 sentence for 1 idea.

·       Write in active voice.

·       Keep your reader engaged with short easy to read words.

·       Try not to over-explain things. By doing so the readers will get bored.

·       Use contractions (like- it’ll, it’d, etc.). It makes content more confident.

·       Use various transitional words.

·       Look over logical content flow.

·       Ask any random friend or family member to read your article. Take their comments very seriously. They are the face of your reader.

·       Read your article aloud. As a reader, you find any sentence troubling to read, change it.

·       Practice, practice, and practice. Practice surely does make someone near to perfect.



Online readers search for a little amount of information in a smaller amount of time. It means your piece of content is required to be organized and attractive at the same time.

As a content writer, you must master different writing styles. Stay updated, learn about SEO and other related skill.

Keep social media in your grasp. Keep your 5 senses sharp. After all content creation is nothing but call to action of your reader. Happy writing!