What is Creative Design and How to Find The Best Creative Design Agencies?

Designs play a large role in the marketing industry and promotional works. If you are an established entrepreneur you already know the criteria of creative design and its merits. But often newcomers become confused at this point.

They combine the terms creative design and graphic design together which is not ideal in certain fields. Although these terms are interchangeable, to master the digital marketing world, you need to have a clear idea about it. So, let’s break down the two words first to know the exact definitions.

“Creative” is a term that represents the authentic and artistic development of any content. Anything can be creative by providing inspiration and improvisation.

On the other hand, “Designing” is the process of modifying something into a visually pleasing structure. Blending them, “Creative Design” is a process to involve and evaluate any idea in an attractive way to enlarge its value and growth.

Creative design has its dimension and divisions. It could contain graphics, informative, or other elements together to be used for different purposes. 

Types of creative design

It’s not stuck in any point of order. It deals with the intended influence given by the product or content. Different phenomenon needs different types of creative design such as:

  • Creative logo design
  • Creative banner design
  • Creative web design
  • Creative UI/UX design
  • Creative packaging design
  • Creative publishing design
  • Creative branding and name design
  • Creative fonts and typing design, etc.

Though the designs are related to graphic elements, they are not graphic design. Graphic design is just an element and part of creative design. A graphic designer knows the use of tools to make colorful images. But to make a creative design, he has to know more than that. It is not refining an image but producing the same image in a new concept.

A creative designer generates creative design ideas to make his works acceptable and understandable to the target audience. It must contain a storytelling attitude. The perfect use of words, speech, phrases make the image extra-ordinary and emotional to the people watching it.

As a creative design example, if you put a white nail box in the hallway, it could be trampled carelessly. But putting a picture of a flowery wall-mate on the box creates a good impression on the pedestrians and they will cross carefully for the adoration of the product in the box.

What is a high-quality creative design?

Companies tend to refer to expensive and premium designs as high-quality designs. We will deny that because quality is not always relevant to the net worth, or value. Healthy payment may indeed provide extra effort to create a worthy-looking design. But that’s not the exact point here. The high-quality creative design is mainly an inspirational design. 

Inspiration or motivation does not come with a rich office with rich interior design. High-quality design can be produced on a lower budget if a writer, name designer, or logo designer can represent the content in an extraordinary and user-friendly manner.

Time and effort are more vital in the industry than money. Some creative designers provide their best effort without demanding too much money. Our suggestion will be conducting business with such companies who know the reputations more than their monetary worth.

How to get a great creative design?

As earlier said, creative design deals with a story or emotion, some requirements fulfill the criteria of mesmerizing and successful creative designs. The design must motivate the customers to choose one product among hundreds by connecting themselves with the manufacturer’s reassurance. The designer should follow certain points:

  • Do not write up the exact information or description of the product. Think beyond the pertinence of the service. Think about how and why the customers will feel the need for it and who they can apply it to. Predict how they feel the value of the product.


  • Think like the end-user. Your service is dedicated to clients, but you need to work with them rather than work for them. Observe and listen to their demands, plans, and opinions about the products and it’s arrival to the people, then simulate the design.


  • Remember to research the competitive market before making your design. Tons of similar products could be available on the market, so you have a hard time elaborating the product or service as the latest. Promote it as not exceptional but the most user-demanded in the current situation.


  • A creative design must be attractive, relevant, and unique so that it crosses the mind of the viewer. Customers may notice it and take their decisions or actions to buy it. Empowering positivity in the viewer’s mind through the design is the basic rule to make it top in the market. 


  • To learn how to turn your design into creative aspects, have a strong idea in designing tools such as photoshop, illustrator, elements, or Microsoft office. Implement new ideas for creative design vectors, art, or fonts. Search for the things missing in your projects.


  • Find the poorly developed websites, or products, and redesign them using an eye-pleasing and soothing user interface. Resurrecting other’s mistakes is way easier than fixing yours. 


  • Another important key point is to discuss and debate about the product with the clients about the design structure. Know the exact perception of all the designers, copywriters, heads of marketing, and the target audience. Have proper time and tools that will help you gain the most features out of it. 


When you blend the trend of the market, audiences’ satisfaction, and clients’ requirements, you will result in the best creative design.

How does creative design help in our life?

The creative design creates an action to the mind of its viewers. The perfect and effective use of graphics, words, phrases, slogans reflects the inner demand of a customer and drives him, or her to use the goods. The creative design may come in several forms like writing, ads, audios, videos, images, icons, texts, etc. 

Observing these, customers can realize what are the best products, or services available for them. Also, a good product has its rights to reach subscribers. If you cannot find the best strategic design, you cannot get into the touch of the buyers and another less quality product will take over the place instead of yours.

So, not only for the benefits of a business but also for the benefit of people who are also involved in the design. Creative design is essential to complete the usability of both ends.

Best creative design agencies 

The only thing that often bothers a client is promising services. Corporate organizations are supposed to be non-cordial, and they want to give less time to any clients. But the five creative design companies we listed below spend good quality time with the clients as needed in projects and that makes them top in our list.

We have managed a list of some of the best creative design companies according to their quality of work, client reviews, and successful portfolio. These companies are total value for your money and reliable in delivering the product within deadline.

Just Creative

Just creative is a well-decorated company to build up marketing strategy and designs. For a long period of time, they have been providing a brand roadmap, logo designs, social media graphics, style guides, website files, and so on. They have worked with Disney, Omega, Nintendo, Nike, Vitra, Tulip, Primitive, and other reputed companies. Their goal is to develop the client’s brands, name, design for collateral marketing. Strategy and marketing growth both come from them.


Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is one of the top digital marketing and creative design organization popular worldwide. In their journey, they have worked for large companies like Tonny Robbins, Sharp, General Insurance, National Funding, and so on. They are known for increasing the employee-to-client ratio and targeted approach.

Kobe Digital

Kobe Digital is another top-notch creative agency. They work for performance marketing, web design, and video production. Strong possibility that you heard their name regarding Leica Camera, Phillips, Royal Thai Consulate-General, HJC Helmets, and other well-known brands. Tons of well-reputed companies are familiar with people on behalf of the marketing method and creative design provided by Kobe Digital.



Clay is a global UX/UI and web branding agency. Google, Facebook, Cocacola, Zenefits, SanDisk are their regular clients. They maintain the compatibility to work in all platforms and brand touchpoints. 11 years of digital marketing experiences made them known and reliable in the creative design world. 

Shape Communications

Shape Communication surprises you by providing multifunctional services worldwide. They can help you build a marketing strategy along with the best quality creative design, content writing, UI/UX design, graphics design, SME service, social media management, SEO, press release, marketing research, and so many fields. Since their 12 years of the long journey, they have cooperated with Novo Nordisk, RahimAfrooz, Castrol, Bangladesh Air Force, Shanta Holdings, and other popular brands and national organizations.

As a south Asian creative agency, You can get high-quality creative services at an affordable cost. Global service with a reasonable price that makes them eligible in this List.

Just an update : “Shape Communications has been recognized as one of Top Industrial Design Agencies by DesignRush”  

Whatever your imagination, Share with Shaper. They will articulate it!

Final Words

As we know that, creative works and sales are completely different subjects, but in this modern binary era, digital marketing archived them together. People have more developed appetites than before, which results in more polished and impressive expectations before buying a product. 

Serving the clients with better products and services needs both creativity and productivity. That is why creative design is the only key to makeover a successful company. No matter how well your goods are, without bringing them in public and satisfying the customers, those are just obsolete storeroom items. Convincing customers with a simple name and packaging is not that easy in a competitive environment.

Moreover, an investor may take care of the expenses of his beloved company. To survive the market storm, boosting the performance of his company is an essential task. We would prefer to contact the best creative design agency to speed up the business using their valuable roadmap and design. So, contact your affordable creative design company like Shape Communications!