What is Digital Marketing?

For Digital Marketing, The word “digital” refers to the world of 1 and 0  binary and computer systems in this century. The development of the internet is transforming the whole living system. 

Electronic marketing services are evolving the traditional way of marketing. It started just after Marconi invented the radio. At that time electronic marketing was a form of alternate and effective marketing. 

We have come across a large path since then and transformed the radio communication system into advanced internet communication.

So the definition of digital marketing or online marketing has been changed a little bit. Radio, Telephone, and Tv marketing upgraded themselves one step up.

According to the present perspective, “digital marketing is a form of marketing that is conducted electronically using digital channels through the internet”. 

Some digital marketing examples and mediums are websites, search engines, social platforms, emails, SMS, apps and other digital marketing platforms.

Most digital marketing tasks are handled with the help of the internet, so it is called internet marketing or online marketing.

Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing can be divided into various types or methods. They are listed below :

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is one of the popular and trendy methods of digital marketing. This strategy relies on the traffic, growth, popularity of any website, blog, or forum.

If you have a blog or online business, you can easily post updates about your business on that platform, social media.

Some of the efficient methods of content marketing are Blog posts, E-books, Infographics, Social media management.


  • Social Media Marketing: Peoples cannot think of a day, even an hour without checking up the social media they are up to. These social media can be used in digital marketing besides having communication with friends and mutuals.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn have been the top of the list social platform nowadays. Using the largest subscribed pages or sponsored posts in these mediums, a Digital Marketer can spread his company’s products & services easily.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo runs a quick storm on the internet when someone types in any specific keywords. 

Making great relevant content with high volumed keywords may rank any certain web page among the first rows of search results.

People with special SEO knowledge can play with the contents with on-page and off-page SEO which is required to find and redirect any searcher to your desired content.

  • Pay Per Click: Pay-Per-Click marketing or PPC is the most used advertising method in search engines specially refers to google. Advertisers put ads on any keyword, whenever anyone clicks on the ads google earns a specific amount of credit and sends traffic to the advertiser site. 

PPC is like the paid form of Organic search results.


  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing works by promoting someone else’s product. Often reviewers review any product or business and post that on their own sites or blogs. 

YouTube partner program is also one of the kinds of affiliate marketing. The biggest online marketplaces prefer affiliate marketing to reach users regarding the popularity of the reviewer.

  • Email Marketing: Emails are one of the most used marketing channels for any business organization. Some websites require a sign-up process to view the contents. Some sites provide download links to any files on email.

Almost every website and blog offer to get the newsletter in the present day. They use automation systems to send newsletters or mail to subscribers at a time. 

Email marketing is still the best channel for ROI.

  • Mobile Marketing: Cell Phone companies use bulk SMS to advertise to any clients. You can buy a chunk of bulk SMS and send product information and purchasing links to nearby customers.


  • Billboard marketing: Digital billboard and LED screens are a new attraction of marketing. You may see them while going home. Sometimes popular companies create a digital war using them like Audi and BMW!


Digital Marketing Importance

Online Marketing is a useful way to reach business to its consumers. It’s available both for B2B and B2C partitions. 

In B2B, the business strategy will be to attract and convert the maximum quality leads through the digital channels and salespersons. 

In B2C, one can attract consumers about products through Digital marketing for conversion. Making loyal customers by Marketing and Sales Funneling.

Other advantages or importance of digital marketing are given below:


  • Digital marketing works online. It makes our life simple & easy. Helps to find out the right products & services. Order through online & enjoy at Residence. 


  • Enjoy cost-friendly advertising in digital marketing. Traditional marketing occurs at huge expense of money and shortens the outcome. 


Digital marketing results in less cost and satisfying outcomes.


  • Traditional marketing demands a certain and fixed cost to any project. In digital marketing, you would be charged according to your budget and latitude. 


  • Digital systems are smart enough to know the basics about the device and user profiles. It can send personalized ads to the right people. 

Right buyers will utilize the products, In this way, the money does not get wasted.


  • Traditional marketing works in the local area. But online-based communication is globally connected. 

A business can go beyond its country and spread the business worldwide. 

You can work internationally to build up your identity massively.

How to do digital marketing

There are some digital marketing plans and skills to conduct it. Those are:


  • Setting up goals: Specific marketing goals help increase the brand value as defining yourself as a digital marketing specialist. 

You will need to increase brand awareness by gaining a lot of followers on social media to have the attention of the new audience.


  • Defining budget: Getting assured of the budget is a must for sharing digital marketing content. 

If you know how much you can spend, you can calculate your resources and estimate about allocating each digital channel. Find a suitable channel depending on the budget.


  • Select the proper channel: Reach the right audience for the right channel. Think about which platform is ideal for your business promotions. 

Some businesses have good results in SEO, some are good at social media, some good at PPC.


  • Targeting the method: Before choosing the budget and channel, set your target strategy. Reach people either with B2B or B2C. 


Research how your business will affect the market, then take action to convert the leads into customers.

  • Identifying audience: Finding the target audience among social media and other digital marketing websites and platforms is a key point to establish successful connections to business. 

Often younger people use social media more than others and they like photo, text, or video content containing memes. On the other hand, sites like Linkedin accept more professional content.


  • Engaging content: Go for a well-reputed digital marketing agency to make engaging content. No matter what your content type or channel is like social media, PPC advertisement, email newsletters, make sure that the contents are not boring and attractive to the viewers. 

An experienced digital marketing agency like Shape Communication knows how to create growth via content.


  • Optimizing User experience: User experience is one of the coe to success in the world of Internet marketing.

For example, Most people use smartphones more than computers. Now Internet marketers are trying to improve  user experience on smartphones, it will work at a larger rate. 

People will get an easy and simple experience having your advertisement.

Five popular digital marketing agency you can trust

BigBang Digital

BigBang Digital is a middle-east based digital marketing company. They support and provide SEO, Adwords, and social media-related marketing following the new generation’s thinking. 

Activision, NordVPN, Selva, and other widely popular companies worked with them.


Kroppa works in 360-degree campaigns, UX/UI design, performance-boosting marketing, etc. They worked with Ikea, Vodafone, Nescafe, and other top global and regional brands. 

Their target area is the middle-east.

Shape Communications

Shape Communication works in multiple fields such as SEO, marketing research, PPC, social media management, and other digital marketing services in both US and MENA markets. 

They had cooperated with Novo Nordisk, Bangladesh Air Force, Castrol, Shanta Holdings, and a lot of national and global organizations.

A great announce from SHAPE Team. 

Shape Communications has been recognized as one of Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Startups by DesignRush”  

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is one of the top leading digital marketing agencies based in New York. They worked for Sony, Microsoft, FedEx, and other global companies. 

Digital marketing, strategy build-up, and transformation are their goals.


Mayple is one of the best tailor-made digital marketing agencies near London. They discuss in brief and build up the right marketing strategy to promote your businesses. 

Google, Facebook, GoodFirms are the recent clients of them.

Maintaining digital marketing trends in 2021

Before starting an Internet marketing campaign, keep in mind what to do and what not to do. We sorted out a few instructions for the newcomers.


  • First, think like a buyer and map out the preference of a buyer. Knowing the buyer persona will help you choose among the target people for your business.


  • Research the acceptability of your product before launching. Sometimes the product is good but mass people ignore them. 

So, do not become overconfident of your items. Study how it affects users.


  • Note the clear strategy and goals of your business. If you know from the beginning to an end, you will sort out the business plan. 


You could make instant decisions or change in plans if anything goes wrong.


  • Use the latest and newly trended business channels. Keep eyes on what social media people are preferring right now. As an example, some years ago Skype was best in conference calls, but now Zoom.


  • Video marketing is performing best in blogs and social media. 85% of successful marketing comes from video marketing. 


Videos are easy and comfortable to watch. Websites get more traffic by playing a video rather than any image or animations.


  • Knowing the terms is a must for digital marketing progress. Business and marketers should know the process and definitions of cost per click, cost per acquisition, return on investment, click-through rate, bounce rate, call to action, etc.


Digital marketing will be known as “marketing” very soon. Gain knowledge regarding digital marketing and grab the Market! 

But the market has ups and downs so that we should take precautions. Use the necessity of digital channels or social media, not the personal favorite one. 

Prefer the affordable but experienced digital marketing agencies to rise up your business. You can contact Shape Communications for your company’s marketing.


Some digital marketing quotes


“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

– Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist

“Marketing is all about adding value, Inspire people & making life easier. ”

– Shaiful Alam Pavel, CEO – Shape Communications

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

 – Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson


“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” – Rebecca Lieb, author, strategic advisor, columnist, keynote speaker


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